We specialize in advancing the success of companies in the parapharmaceutical and dietary supplement sectors, enhancing their operational efficiency and market impact. Our expertise is rooted in delivering tailored ingredient solutions and comprehensive consulting across North America and Europe. We provide in-depth analyses of production sites, sophisticated ingredient consultations, and strategic formulation guidance. Our team is dedicated to optimizing your product development lifecycle from concept through to market, ensuring that your offerings are innovative and competitive.
Provides comprehensive market analysis to identify trends, consumer behaviors, and potential opportunities in the pharmaceutical and dietary supplement markets.
Supports clients in the formulation and development of new pharmaceutical products and dietary supplements, from initial concept to final testing.
Assists in evaluating and selecting optimal production sites for pharmaceutical and supplement manufacturing based on technical capabilities and strategic location.
Market analysis consulting
Product development consulting
Production site selection
Helps identify and vet suppliers of raw materials and other necessary inputs to ensure quality and supply chain reliability.
Provides expertise in selecting high-quality ingredients for pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements, ensuring compliance with industry standards.
Guides the entire development process of dietary supplements, from initial concept design through to production and market launch.
Supplier selection consulting
Parapharmaceutical ingredient consulting
Full-spectrum dietary supplement development
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